Terry McMillan: 'White Men' Shouldn't Be Allowed to Legislate Women's Issues

Terry McMillan: 'White Men' Shouldn't Be Allowed to Legislate Women's Issues

Anyone who follows author Terry McMillan on Twitter knows the “Waiting to Exhale” author despises the GOP and Mitt Romney – not necessarily in that order.

Her latest Twit-rant took a racist turn, one certainly unbecoming a person of her stature in the literary world.

White men should not have the power to tell women what our rights are. Period.

The ugly statement came in the middle of a series of Tweets inspired, apparently, by the Rep. Todd Akin imbroglio concerning abortion.

McMillan attempted to walk back her racist Tweet, but she did a fairly poor job of it.

When I said “white men” I was referring the ones in Congress making all of these sexist decisions about women.

Hmm. It doesn’t take a scholar to imagine what would happen if a conservative author like Tom Clancy said the very same thing but reversed the skin color in question. Apologies. More apologies. Boycotts. And then some.

McMillan not only gets away with it, her hateful Tweet will likely get no media attention outside of Twitchy and a few other sites more interested in racist statements than dog whistles and imaginary racial code words.

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