Pro-Gun Control Video Game Has Players Shoot Children, Teachers at Sandy Hook

Pro-Gun Control Video Game Has Players Shoot Children, Teachers at Sandy Hook

A pro-gun control video game posted at various online sites has players shoot children and teachers, then asks them to contact Congress and demand more gun control.

According to National Review Online, the game is called The Slaying of Sandy Hook

Game play requires the players to act the role of Adam Lanza. “Text boxes prompt [players] to pick up a Glock pistol, move into the bedroom of Lanza’s mother, Nancy, and shoot her four times.” After that, players are instructed to “pick up an AR-15, ammunition, and Nancy Lanza’s car keys.”

The game then focuses on Sandy Hook Elementary, and players are given “an 11 minute timeline to kick in classroom and bathroom doors and slaughter [the] students and teachers” they find there. At the end of the 11 minutes, players are informed of the number of students and teachers who were able to survive by hiding and playing dead, or who were only wounded.  

The game has a “gun control mode” where players are encouraged to try to carry out the heinous crime with a Japanese sword instead of a firearm. The game’s credits then ask “players to contact lawmakers and urge them to pass gun control measures.” 

The game also links to the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA), so players can keep up with gun control legislation proposals.

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