Jon Stewart Mocks President George W. Bush's 'Childlike' Art

Jon Stewart Mocks President George W. Bush's 'Childlike' Art

Jon Stewart likely uttered a big sigh of relief this week–President George W. Bush is back in the headlines.

The ex-president’s art work is making the news rounds, which allowed Stewart to haul out his trunk full of Bush slams rather than speak truth to the current power.

Bush’s art work, featuring portraits of world leaders like Russia’s Vladimir Putin, inspired one art critic to dub the work “childlike.”

That was all Stewart needed to set aside those devastating ObamaCare opinion polls, weak economic reports and news about the IRS targeting American citizens.

Our sincere, earnest, almost childlike two-term president. You know, I think that may have been his campaign slogan at one time,” Stewart added….

“Yes, much like any non-torturing, war-starting retiree, George W. Bush has returned to public life with like 30 pictures he made,” Stewart said. “While your grandfather might have chosen the beach or birds on his bird feeder as his subject, George W. Bush has gone with ‘Other people I knew who ran countries.’

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