‘Destiny’ Expansion ‘House of Wolves’ Offers Players More Loot via New Story, Co-op, and Competitive Modes


Bungie has released Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Players can unlock various weapons and equipment in new story segments, competitive multiplayer battlegrounds, and events of the co-op and competitive variety. This second expansion costs $19.99 when purchased alone, or $34.99 when bought with the game’s first expansion in the Destiny Expansion Pass.

Destiny’s three new competitive multiplayer maps span three planets: Black Shield brings players to an abandoned Cabal Firebase on Mars; Thieves’ Den hurls them through Venusian craters; and Widow’s Court plays with their sightlines on planet Earth. PlayStation users also get the exclusive map Timekeeper, which features a Martian battleground reminiscent of a clock.

Bungie also adds Prison of Elders to co-op and The Trials of Osiris to competitive multiplayer. While the first activity allows players to fight off hordes in teams of three for Legendary and Exotic loot, the latter event pits teams of three against one another.

Another player benefit is an increased Light Level cap of 34; players can use gear ascension to obtain this boost for already-owned Exotic and Legendary items. Bungie has also expanded The Reef with new merchants who boast new prizes.

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