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Planet Olbermann to Earth: Israel Is the Source Of Everything Wrong In the Middle East


Last night I took a sickening trip into the Alternative Progressive Universe that is MSNBC and settled in to the orbit of Planet Olbermann with its toxic and hate-filled atmosphere.


If you ever have the chance to visit Planet Olbermann on any given night, you have to suspend all rational thoughts or beliefs on this mostly dead planet. Olbermann sought to boost his argument that Israel’s boarding of a so-called Peace Flotilla was somehow illegal and to support this, he brought on a satellite (Carter-Era Ambassador), Edward Peck. In falling within the gravitational pull of Planet Olbermann, Peck said that he was on a smaller boat in the supposed Peace Flotilla and that Israelis commandos stepped aboard the ship. As he spoke, Olbermann played video of Israeli commandos boarding the another ship via helicopter and being attacked by so-called activists. Nowhere in Peck’s five minutes of unabated rambling did Olbermann disagree with Peck’s notion that Israel does not even exist, as Peck referred to the region both as Gaza and Palestine.

[youtube MKNI5q38ABs nolink]

Planet Olbermann did not bother to even report on the fact that since Hamas’s brutal takeover of the Gaza Strip in 2007, there have been thousands of homemade rockets upon central and southern Israel, as well as innumerable terrorist acts by Hamas directed at the Jewish State. Planet Olbermann seemed willing to overlook the fact that if this was simply a group of peace activist, then why were armed men among them? Why have the sponsors of this flotilla, The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief (IHH), been connected to extremist groups (including Al-Qaeda) in Southwestern Europe and Asia according to Israeli intelligence?

Planet Olbermann could not even produce the manifest of alleged aid that was going to Hamas, which according to the IHH’s own public relations included foodstuffs, medicines, tents as well as concrete and steel, both of which Israel has banned because they can be used to harden bunkers and buildings from which mortars and rockets can be fired into Israel, as well as in the making of more homemade rockets. In eclipsing the truth last night, Planet Olbermann seemed to spin further outside the orbit of rational reporting on both sides of an issue, as there was no mention of the facts that Egypt too, has blocked the Gaza Strip since the 2007 takeover by Hamas and checks what little aid it does permit to enter from its side of the border. Egypt has even sealed off its border with walls and moats to keep the Palestinians from the Gaza Strip out. Hamas Activists have blown holes into these walls several times over the years.


On Planet Olbermann, the truth does not even matter — as you may remember during the health care debate, Olbermann sought to smear the Tea Party Movement as racist, with its support of the lies that movement members had shouted the N-Word at the Congressional Black Caucus, and offered up as proof a video with no audio of the event.

Whatever nuclear explosion on the far side of Planet Olbermann that hurled him out of reality and into the Alternative Progressive Universe of MSNBC, should be avoided at all costs.

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