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Media Mostly Wrong About the Hispanic Vote


It’s no surprise to me when the MSM pontificates about the Hispanic vote when it tries to explain the immigration policies of this administration. But I was expecting more clarity in conservative publications. A couple of recent articles continue the myth of the “Hispanic vote.”


First, Jim Meyers wrote in “Arizona’s Illegals War Roils Country”(Newsmax) that “Rep. Luis Guitierrez, D-Ill alluded to the fact that 68 percent of Hispanic voters backed Obama in 2008.” The article also showed pie charts detailing the percentages of the Hispanic vote in previous presidential elections. I’m always puzzled by the way the media can determine who votes for whom when we still supposedly have a secret ballot. What are they basing those percentages on- exit polling; addresses? How about voter fraud?

Immigrants from any country cannot vote unless they are naturalized although some Democrats want to do away with that provision here in NYC. Former City Councilman Bill Perkins tried to pass a resolution allowing legal immigrants the right to vote. He insisted that since they paid taxes they should have a right to choose their representatives. I pointed out in my 2005 New York Sun column (Only Citizens Have the Right To Vote ) that these individuals get benefits for their taxes, e.g. police, sanitation, etc.

A second article in the same publication was billed as a voice from the younger generation-a young 19 year-old, Andrew Mack entitled: GOP Can Win Over Hispanic Voters. He writes: “Hispanics represent a significant vote for Republicans if the GOP can woo them. In 2004, George W. Bush showed this could happen when he won 44 percent of their vote….in 2008, Latinos moved back to the Democrat side.”

Mack suggests that while many Hispanics are conservative, “the thorny issue of immigration has been driving a wedge.”

Obviously political rhetoric about immigration is designed to curry favor with the Hispanic community but the ones most likely to agree with the left are those who are not eligible to vote. Consider the fact that the demonized Arizona immigration bill is overwhelmingly approved by Arizonans which has a heavy Hispanic population.

arizona seal

Here’s the truth that many are ignoring except for talk radio host Mark Levin and Red Eye’s Greg Gutfeld. Hispanics born here, like myself, and naturalized immigrants are against illegal immigrants and the idea of amnesty.

Joanna Marzullo is Hispanic and the President of NYICE (New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement) which holds counter protest rallies against those opposing the Arizona legislation. Pamela Hall, one of the original organizers of the Stop the Madrassa Coalition videotaped Marzullo at a recent counter-protest rally that of course was never reported in the MSM.

My daughter’s friend from El Salvador spent twelve years getting approved for citizenship. My son’s Panamanian friend is still awaiting the process after many years. The idea that citizens here illegally will get a fast run for the gold ahead of him and others is unconscionable. Doesn’t everybody loathe those who cut a waiting line?

What they all agree on is that the border must be secured.

border invasion

The factual numbers of Hispanics voting for Democrats will only be exposed when they are forced to prove their eligibility at the polls. Democrats depend on voter fraud and are unlikely to support any legislation stipulating proof of voting eligibility.

At least, George Will is recognizing the truth of Hispanic conservatism. In a recent column, he highlighted the success of Puerto Rican Gov. Luis Fortuno who commented on the popular assumption that all Hispanics vote for Democrats:

Fortuno disagrees, noting that while Republicans on the mainland were losing in 2008, he was elected in the island’s biggest landslide in 44 years. The party he leads won more than two-thirds of the seats in both houses of the legislature, and three-fifths of the mayorships, including that of San Juan.

Fortuno, who calls himself a “values candidate” and goes to Catholic services almost every day, says Puerto Ricans are culturally conservative — 78 percent are pro-life, 91 percent oppose same-sex marriage, 30 percent of the 85 percent who are Christian are evangelicals.

A majority supports his agenda, which includes tax and spending cuts, trimming 16,000 from public payrolls to begin eliminating the deficit that was 45 percent the size of the budget.”

Just because Hispanics share a common heritage and language, they are not monolithic and the sooner everyone in the media recognizes this, the sooner they’ll have to report accurate voting data.

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