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Economic Terrorism and the Anti-Reagan


It’s September 10 all over again.

We are on the verge of another “man-made disaster.” For the past two years, Democrats have fought an economic jihad against capitalism, implanting fiscal IEDs in our healthcare and financial industries, decapitating small businesses with greater taxes and regulation, and stoning the American work ethic with endless extensions of Unemployment Insurance. Obama has effectively imposed Economic Sharia over present and future generations of American taxpayers. President Obama, titular head of the Democrat Party, behaves like America’s Economic Terrorist-in-Chief.

Some people accuse Obama of being a Marxist, others of being a Muslim. At the end of the day, neither moniker matters. In fact such labels obscure the point. Whether Marxist, Muslim, Liberation Theologian, or just Soros puppet, Obama is a man on a mission.

The system of laws and regulations he seeks to impose, Obama’s Sharia, erodes individual rights and freedoms to the benefit of greater government authority. Anyone opposing him (e.g. Tea Party) are treated as blaspheming infidels, Dhimmis, subject to specific and general persecution either by the government itself, through powerful groups (NAACP) or through a Make-Believe Media cheerleading cabal.

The warning signs were there. President-Elect Obama warned his followers that his purpose, his Jihad, was the fundamental transformation of the United States of America. The “hope and change” included government controlled healthcare, direct intervention in private industries, and more regulation.

Yes, we have been warned; so, we won’t need another 9/11 Commission to find out what hit us. They won’t use planes to blow up financial buildings. Instead, they are going to blow up our money.

The Fed continues to monetize the national debt (hey, Mr. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, can you spell p.e.r.j.u.r.y.? ) The action may further devalue the dollar, infuriating our Big Brother Lenders in Communist China.

In September we see a renewal of monetization where officially the Fed will buy more and more Treasuries, Agencies and CD’s from banks, besides what they are doing in secret. A large part of the budget deficit, real estate expansion and banks’ bad debt will be monetized by the Fed, which is very inflationary. This is what went on in Argentina and the Weimer Republic and this is where Ben is headed.

Runaway inflation, “blowing up” the dollar’s value and crashing people’s investments.

A potential trigger for this explosion: the Bush tax cuts expiring 1/1/11. Without even lifting a legislative finger, the government will extract even more money from private business and individuals, further crippling the already weak economy. Neither Obama nor the Democrats seem desirous to stop these devastating tax increases on Americans. The lame duck Congress may punt this decision and is now struggling politically to justify punishing select Americans, the “top earners” or the ever redefined “rich” for their capitalistic success. The suspense is killing business and Americans’ ability to plan for the coming year.

Obama once pontificated “At some point you’ve made enough money.” Mr. President — at what point has the government made enough money? At what point do Americans pay enough taxes?

The closeted socialists among us, like greedy little pigs, keep squealing that “giving” the “rich” a “tax cut” will “cost” even more money and increase our debt. They bemoan that “allowing” the lapse in death taxes has cost the Feds billions in just the first half of this year.

Translation: People keeping more of THEIR OWN MONEY and PEOPLE DYING are now government operating expenses!! That’s some slick spin.

President Ronald Reagan purposefully increased military spending to beat Communism and win the Cold War, forcing the USSR to bankrupt itself in its attempt to stay in the arms race. Coupled with slashing individual’s tax rates,Reagan’s strategy forced the democratically controlled Congress to cut spending.

Reagan’s strategy against the USSR worked because he allied his spending to the free market. Obama allies his spending to a collectivist economic model, expanding government agencies and imposing increasingly punitive regulations, all the while saddling every American citizen with crushing debt and authoritarian control.

Obama is the Anti-Reagan. He and the Left have perverted Reagan’s “out-spend-’em” strategy, not to defeat Communism, but rather to exalt it.

Ironically, the same strategy that won the Cold War, produced millions of jobs in the longest peacetime economic expansion ever seen, defeated Soviet Communism and tore down the Berlin Wall may, in the hands of the Anti-Reagan, crush American capitalism through amassing an impenetrable arsenal of debt, forcing future incoming Congresses to raise taxes to avert fiscal disaster, and ushering in a strange, new financial world order.

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