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How the New York Times Defines 'Peace Activist'


As many of you know, I recently filed a lawsuit against the New York Times. Therefore, I will not comment on their having falsely stated as fact that I was involved in planning the very attempted far-left firebomb attack on police officers and political delegates at the 2008 Republican National Convention that I had the honor of helping the FBI prevent and prosecute. In similar fashion, I will not comment on the New York Times having retracted the falsehood they printed against me and the men and women of the FBI.

It’s unfortunate that I will have to hold my comments on the writer of the said article, James C. McKinley Jr., as I filed a lawsuit against him as well. Though he is portrayed as a staff writer for the NYT, he is actually the Houston Bureau Chief. Fortunately, the New York Times itself recently condemned him for his having “pilloried” an eleven year old rape victim in an article he wrote shortly after what he wrote about me.

I will, however, do my best to illuminate just how frightening the New York Times‘ use of the term “peace activist” is.

An Austin, Texas area anarchist named Scott Crow has been interviewed and identified as a “peace activist” by the New York Times on several occasions. On January 4th, 2009, the NYT identified Mr. Crow as a relief organization co-founder and implied that he was a peace activist. This article was effective in allowing the editors to frame the Leftist violence as something wrong on the part of the government and allowed the NYT to help get Mr. Crows new group’s message out:

The emerging truth about Darby’s malicious involvement in our communities is heart-breaking and utterly ground-shattering,” said the Austin Informant Working Group, a collection of activists from the city who worked with Mr. Darby. “Through the history of our struggles for a better world, infiltrators and informants have acted as tools for the forces of misery in disrupting and derailing our movements.

When the suspects in the case admitted their fault and that the one who claimed entrapment had made it all up, the NYT did report on it. Unfortunately, the admission didn’t get the same front section placement.

Then, in the story which included the now retracted claim I filed lawsuits over, Mr. Crow and his sweet and adorable anarchists were identified as a new breed of “Local anarchists (who) run a recycling center, a food-distribution program, a bookstore, a cafe, and even a thrift shop.” All of these descriptions are true. I know first-hand that Mr. Crow and his anarchists do their best to help some groups of people. My concern with the NYT is not what they included in their description of him–my concern is in what they omitted.

These are the links I sent to the New York Times when they first interviewed Mr. Crow and referred to him as a “peace activist” in our interview.

1. is an anarchist site where Mr. Crow is a frequent and longtime contributor. Scroll down the comments to read his sentiments for Rod Coronado. Coronado has been convicted several times for environmental and animal-rights related domestic terrorism and arson.


This exhaustive piece is Mr. Crow explaining the tactics he wants his followers to begin to use.

Scott Crow frequently engages in a defense for two groups which have been designated as domestic terror groups by the FBI- the Animal Liberation Front and the Earth Liberation Front. He is an advocate of using the term “Green Scare.” This is his effort to tie law enforcement efforts to combat domestic terrorism with the McCarthy era “Red Scare.” He has openly stated his support for the use of arson as a political tactic, yet the NYT didn’t mention these documented facts?

I have always been hesitant to write about him, due to my perception that he uses any media attention to claim he is “under attack” by the American Empire in an effort to promote himself and increase his book sales.

However, the NYT‘s frequent effort to promote him as anything less than threatening mandates that light is shed on who and what he is. Mr. Crow has recently openly bragged that his file from the FBI is in the hands of the NYT and that they are going to do something about the FBI “spying” on him. I beseech all patriots to do an exhaustive Google search on Scott Crow and his associates so we can know of the threats our nation faces and on the Far Left’s attack on law enforcement’s efforts to keep these dangers from threatening our lives.

Terms to search:

1. Scott Crow

2. Earth Liberation Front (ELF)

3. Animal Liberation Front (ALF)

4. Green Scare

5. Rod Coronado

It is imperative that patriots learn about these far left efforts and begin to write about them and tell others about them.

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