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Nearly a Week Later and Media Matters Still Hasn't Corrected Bad Planned Parenthood Story


A week ago we asked Media Matters to correct their inaccurate information in their post about Planned Parenthood offering mammograms. While we believe that the elements of a news story must be factually accurate to constitute as news and not propaganda, Media Matters disagreed.

They declined to correct their piece.

Every defense they have put up about their story has been thoroughly discredited:

Media Matters Still Has Trouble With the Word “Provider,” Owes Correction

Media Matters Proves Why Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Need Taxpayer Funding

Media Matters Refuses To Retract Factual Error

CORRECTION REQUEST STANDS: Media Matters Fudged Truth On Planned Parenthood Mammograms

We ask again for Media Matters to live up to the purpose described for the organization and correct their bad information. Stubbornly clinging to information proven unarguably false isn’t journalism, it’s devotion to propaganda over truth. Media Matters must choose: ideology or journalism.

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