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Caught in a Lie: MMfA's Eric Boehlert Embarrassed on Twitter Again *UPDATE: Silence on Union Coffin Protest


Earlier this afternoon Soros and SEIU funded Media Matters’ lackey Eric Boehlert falsely claimed that the St. Louis Tea Party left a coffin on Congressman Russ Carnahan’s lawn. Rep. Carnahan’s mouthpiece smeared the St. Louis Tea Party without apology by making up the coffin story which was later blown apart by local media:

Local television shows the coffin was actually in the garage of St. Louis Tea Party Co-Founder Bill Hennessy -- the same coffin Carnahan had claimed was left on his lawn. Magic!

[youtube Kk7Wk7Cl9IU nolink]

Progressives have been lying about it ever since, most recently by Eric Boehlert today.

Boehlert needs to retract his statements and apologize for his lie now.

Media Matters has a history of clinging to lies even after they’ve been debunked, as evidenced below. This must be why other outlets call them “irrelevant” and why their traffic is non-existent.

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*UPDATE: P/Oed Patriot reminds us that unions protested in front of an executive’s home but the media was silent. So was Boehlert, likely because his group is paid by SEIU.

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