NY Times: Muslim Brotherhood Morsi Torn over Israel

The New York Times portrayed Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi as a leader conflicted over his support for the terrorist organization Muslim Brotherhood, a group of which he was once a member, and his duty as Egypt’s President to observe the truce that his country has had for many years with Israel.

Setting up the premise, The Times begins it’s piece saying, “The escalating conflict in Gaza has confronted President Mohamed Morsi of Egypt with a wrenching test of his commitments — to his fellow Islamists of the militant group Hamas and to Egypt’s landmark peace agreement with Israel.”

The Times claims that Morsi is a man with “divided loyalties” with both sides appearing to be “testing him.”

To present Morsi as a worried, hand-wringing leader hoping to keep a peace with the Jews is an absurd characterization. Morsi knows that he is currently politically unable to implement a full Muslim Brotherhood-inspired program against Israel but he’d do it without hesitation if he could. He is no more conflicted than a cat eyeing a caged bird knowing that the bars are the only thing keeping him from a tasty meal.

Once again we see a New York Times trying to portray Israel’s enemies as perfectly reasonable actors in the Middle East instead of the genocide-wishing, terror-supporters that they are.