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Breitbart News's Darby and 'Occupy Unmasked' Director Bannon Appear on 'Hannity'

Breitbart News's Darby and 'Occupy Unmasked' Director Bannon Appear on 'Hannity'

Tonight, Breitbart News’ Brandon Darby and Occupy Unmasked producer Stephen K. Bannon will be appearing on Fox News’ Hannity to talk about the rise of the Occupy Black Bloc anarchists – a group that recently released a video on YouTube touting their terrorist tactics. The Black Bloc is the most violent splinter wing of the Occupy movement.

Yesterday, Breitbart News’ Lee Stranahan reported on a video from the Black Bloc consisting of “scenes of destruction, chaos, and savage lunacy by masked Black Bloc demonstrators interspersed with title cards explaining the anarchist philosophy behind the organized disorganization …. The video shows scenes of Black Bloc anarchists destroying machines of oppression such as a Whole Foods Market and confronting the overwhelming police state in the form of a private security guard outside a bank. Footage also ties Occupy to earlier ‘Peace & Justice’ actions, such as the G20 riots several years ago.”

Bannon’s Occupy Unmasked, which featured Andrew Breitbart, stripped the façade from the Occupy movement and exposed its violent, corrupt roots – and its mainstream aspirations.

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