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NYT: Soledad O'Brien Officially Out at CNN

NYT: Soledad O'Brien Officially Out at CNN

UPDATE: The “Times” has updated its piece with this news:

Soledad O’Brien will leave CNN’s morning show in the spring, but she won’t be leaving the cable news channel altogether.

Apparently, she’s going to be an “outside producer,” which means…? Yeah, she’s out.     

The Times puts the nicest spin on the news it can, but according to Soledad O’Brien herself, she is — in my old bill collector parlance — NLE at the POE (no longer employed at her place of employment). Apparently, the left-wing O’Brien will continue to anchor her truly awful and historically low-rated morning show through spring, and then … buh-bye.  

The spin is this:

Soledad O’Brien will leave CNN’s morning show in the spring, but she won’t be leaving the cable news channel altogether.

Ms. O’Brien, who is well-known for CNN documentaries like “Black in America,” said Thursday that she will form a production company and continue to supply documentaries to CNN on a nonexclusive basis.

That’s what you call a face-saving deal. The fact is, if this report is true, O’Brien will no longer receive a paycheck from CNN or in any way be connected with the network. But like a million other independent producers, CNN is willing to hear any pitch she might have regarding the independently-produced documentaries she intends to create, you know, as soon as, uhm, she forms that production company.  

If my failed career in Hollywood taught me anything, it’s that “nonexclusive” means: Please do peddle it elsewhere.

Soledad O’Brien (pictured above during happier times when she still had a future) had an extraordinary opportunity at CNN, and she blew it. How many people are handed their own morning show at a major news network? But instead of doing her job honorably and honestly and with integrity, she abused the opportunity to aggrandize her left-wing agenda and bizarre obsession with identity politics. But even liberals shut her out, because no one respects dishonesty.

Robert Stacy McCain writes, “O’Brien is destined to be remembered as the biggest flop in the history of television news.”

I have to disagree. That would mean someone might remember her.

But I do want to wish Ms. O’Brien the best of luck in the Obama economy she worked so hard to force on the rest of us. After all, she sacrificed much for Obama: first her credibility, then her job.


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