PolitiFact Finds Only One Obama Sequester Claim False

PolitiFact Finds Only One Obama Sequester Claim False

For the past weeks, the president of the United States has been running around the country lying like a rug about sequester. And yet, in its round-up of sequestration statements made by Obama and others, PolitiFact has not only refused to award Obama with a single “Pants on Fire,” but of its five rulings directed at Obama, he wins positive reviews for four.

This is what you call “selective reporting.” By simply choosing not to cover the many bald-faced lies Obama has told, PolitiFact can make its idol look truthful. The effort PolitiFact put into avoiding Obama’s whoppers must have been exhausting.

Even after the election, PolitiFact remains a joke only useful to The State.

I just can’t tell you how much I miss living in a country where the media doesn’t let the president get away with lying.


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