Scarborough: Obama Needs To 'Destroy' Dems Who Don't Vote His Way

Scarborough: Obama Needs To 'Destroy' Dems Who Don't Vote His Way

Joe Scarborough gave some advice to President Barack Obama today in light of a New York Times article that claims Obama “has rarely demonstrated an appetite for ruthless politics.”  

A conservative Republican television host might spend his time attacking the false premise of the Times article. He might go after the Times for adding to the fake narrative that Obama is really a nice guy who doesn’t want any conflict. The false meme is that Obama is really just trying to get along with everyone. There is certainly enough evidence to blow the Times article apart.  Look at the tactics of Obama’s ruthless campaign operation, Organizing for America. Look at all the name calling and demonizing of political opponents.  Look at how Obama refers to his opponents as “enemies.” There’s ample content to make a case that the Times article is a lie and is meant to serve the ongoing myth-making operation about the president.  

Instead, Scarborough bought the story and even got so fired up about the idea that President Obama doesn’t like to engage in “arm twisting” that he went off on a rant in an attempt to inspire the president to become a ruthless, political monster.  Scarborough suggested that Obama attack his political opponents with the mindset that, “I’m going to figure out how I can screw you every single day. I am going to drive you into the ground politically. I’m going to destroy you. It is my goal to make sure that you regret you ever came to Washington, D.C. until you switch your vote.” 

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