Media Fail: Majority Say GOP Scandal Investigations 'Justified'

Media Fail: Majority Say GOP Scandal Investigations 'Justified'

In an extensive NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released Wednesday, the most fascinating piece of information can be found way down at question 17. When asked if Congressional Republican investigations into the Obama administration have been “justified and  addressing legitimate concerns” or “not justified and unfair partisan attacks,” 50% said justified, while only 42% said not.

This is a major fail for a media that for weeks have coordinated a Narrative to turn the story of the IRS, AP, and Libya scandals away from Obama and onto the GOP. The media word of almost every day comes straight from the Democratic National Committee, and that word is “overreach” — as in “Will Republicans overreach in pursuing these scandals.”

This persistent use of the word “overreach” is the media working hand-in-hand with the White House to manufacture a Narrative Trap. You burn the idea of overreach into the minds of the public and wait for some Republican to do something stupid (which they always do). Then the media screams “Toldja!” and makes “overreach” the story.

The scandals then backfire on Republicans and the media’s Precious One and his Precious Left-wing Agenda is preserved.

So far, this coordinated media tactic has been a major failure. If past is prologue, though, it only means the media will double down.

Other news in the  poll is mixed for Obama. His approve/disapprove stands at 48% – 47%. Hillary Clinton’s favorability rating dropped 7 points since April, from 56% to 49%.

A large majority believe the scandals surrounding Benghazi, the Justice Department, and the IRS “raise doubts” about the Obama administration’s honesty – 58%, 58%, and 55% respectively.

As far as holding Obama personally responsible for the scandals, the president is edging up against the red zone with Benghazi. Despite the media’s best efforts, 41% hold Obama totally or mainly responsible for Libya. A total of 37%  and 33% say the same about the Justice Department and IRS scandals.


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