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CNN's New 'Crossfire' Producer Accused Romney of Partying While 'Black People Drown'

CNN's New 'Crossfire' Producer Accused Romney of Partying While 'Black People Drown'


Using his verified Twitter feed early Monday morning, CNN political director Mark Preston wrote that he was “psyched” David Chalian was joining CNN as the supervising producer of CNN’s upcoming “Crossfire” reboot. In August of last year, Chalian was fired as the Yahoo News bureau chief after he was caught on a hot mic accusing then-GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney of being “happy to have a party with black people drowning.”

The comment occurred during a joint ABC News/Yahoo New live webcast. Romney cancelled the first night of his convention due to Hurricane Isaac. What Chalian referred to is the fact that the convention resumed on schedule the next day (as did Obama’s regular schedule).

While it is unknown is with whom Chalian was when he made the racially-charged comments, at the time his attack was seen as more proof of how the media coordinated to undermine Romney’s candidacy. “Romney the cold, unfeeling elitist” was the cornerstone of attacks from both the Obama campaign and the media.

For its part, CNN’s hiring of the infamous Chalian can only be seen by the political right as yet more evidence of the network’s anti-conservative hostility and pro-Obama bias. Under the new leadership of Jeff Zucker (pictured), CNN has allowed its airwaves to be used to openly push for gun control and falsely connect conservatives to the Boston bombing.

During the 2012 presidential campaign, it was CNN’s Candy Crowley who violated the rules of the third presidential debate to “save” Barack Obama when she contradicted Romney with the false claim that Obama had called Benghazi a terror attack within 24 hours.

He had not.

Chalian is leaving Politico to produce “Crossfire.”


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