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Al-Jazeera America's Lead Story Focuses on Terrorist Detainees

Al-Jazeera America's Lead Story Focuses on Terrorist Detainees

Al Jazeera America’s slogan is: “There’s more to it.” The Qatari government-owned channel clearly wants viewers to look past its sensational coverage of anti-American terrorists, its ongoing use as a mouthpiece for Jew-hatred, and its growing alienation from Arab journalists and viewers disgusted with its support for the Muslim Brotherhood. Its lead story on the first day of its launch, however, sends the opposite message.

Entitled “Malaria drug overused on Guantanamo Bay prisoners?”, the article by Jason Leopold reports that terror detainees at the controversial prison may have suffered from overdoses of an anti-malarial drug that was given to them as they arrived. That’s right: because the military acted to save their lives and prevent the potential spread of infection, using a drug with (yes) potential side effects, human rights groups are outraged.

Day One, Al Jazeera America: a story demanding sympathy for anti-American terrorists detained on the battlefield for actions taken by U.S. medical personnel, further sensationalizing an issue that is near and dear to the far-left and the New York Times editorial page but of little real legal or medical virtue. Not exactly a hopeful sign of the channel’s political direction as it seeks to enter a crowded liberal media market.

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