PolitiFact Lights Its Own Pants on Fire to Spin ObamaCare Premium Increases

PolitiFact Lights Its Own Pants on Fire to Spin ObamaCare Premium Increases

The left-wing PolitiFact said they were going to start attacking pundits, and that attack has begun, mainly to protect ObamaCare. Sean Hannity has been handed a “mostly false” for citing a Manhattan Institute study PolitiFact didn’t like, and financial reporter Maria Bartiromo earned a “false” for relying on news reports and her own reporting to claim that under ObamaCare “we are becoming something of a part-time country.”


But in its zeal to spin this job-killing, middle-class socking, deficit-increasing boondoggle as a good thing, PolitiFact chose to downright lie about why health insurance premiums are increasing.  

“[N]ew rules for insurance plans will tend to push some rates up — because the plans must provide better coverage.”

That is objectively and provably false.

What PolitFact spins as better coverage is nothing of the sort. Not only are deductibles increasing — which is likely to dissuade people from going to the doctor — this “better coverage” being forced on us by our benevolent government is in fact coverage most of us do not want or need.

Most people will never need drug, alcohol, and mental health treatment, but ObamaCare makes them pay for it. Do the middle-aged and elderly need  maternity and newborn care, and contraception? And now we are paying for vision and dental — both of which were affordable in the free market.


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