Colorado Enacted Tighter Gun Control Laws In July

Colorado Enacted Tighter Gun Control Laws In July

With the anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary murders arriving tomorrow, more terrible news hit today with another school shooting, this time at a high school in Centennial, Colorado. Early reports indicate that a shooter injured two students before shooting and killing himself.

One sordid ritual that’s become commonplace, even as events are still unfolding, has been the media’s exploitation of these tragedies to push for tighter gun control laws. That will be more difficult for the media this time. In July, Colorado enacted much of the media’s gun control wish list.

In reaction to both Sandy Hook and a mass-shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, the year prior, the Democrat-led state legislature in Colorado passed laws requiring universal background checks and limiting the size of ammunition magazines to 15 rounds. Democrat Governor John Hickenlooper signed the bills into law, and both were enacted 6 months ago.

After Sandy Hook, Democrats and the elite media spent months on a deeply cynical  and partisan crusade to pass Manchin-Toomey, a law that would have required background checks on all commercial sales but did not address the size of ammunition magazines.

Another way to put it is that the gun control laws passed into law in Colorado are even stricter than the law the media and Democrats worked so hard to, but ultimately failed to see passed.

In the immediate aftermath of Sandy Hook, the media and White House had hoped to see bans on what they falsely describe as “assault weapons.” To prove the Administration wasn’t anti-gun, but only interested in banning the “assault weapons” they blamed for these mass-shootings, Vice President Joe Biden suggested that Americans “get a double-barrel shotgun.”

According to early reports, today’s school shooter used a shotgun.


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