Hearing From Romney Will Be Good, But Big Boi Would Be Better

For the Conservative Movement, that is. 

Your points John, about being able to hear from the former leader of the Conservative movement are spot on. Mitt Romney is the only person in America since John McCain, who has faced the Chicago Machine and lived to tell about it. Hearing Romney’s advice and the lessons he learned will be of use going forward. 

But I’d like to hear from the American Conservative Union about their thoughts on inviting Atlanta based rapper, Big Boi to this year’s CPAC as a keynote speaker. Big Boi already has social media support to speak from grassroots conservatives from Twitter to Facebook

The Republican Party is losing ground with young voters, fast. And losing an even larger share of the youth vote in 2012 than they did in 2008, is nothing less than alarming. Big Boi’s federalist message on guns, healthcare and personal responsibility will be heard by people who don’t pay much attention politics or the Republican Party. 

Most of the handwringing since November has been about the conservative movement needing to modernize broaden, and expand. Again, we can learn from him, But Mitt Romney lost and is now a bit of a relic. Big Boi isn’t. He’s a fresh face who articulates our message well. And he’s not the only pop culture figure that conservatives can reach out to. But he certainly is the most palpable right now. 

In response to Mitt Romney to address CPAC 2013:

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