Obama's Blows His Racist Hispanic "Dog Whistle"

Earlier to day President Barack Obama stood before Mexican students in Mexico City, apologizing fro the United States’ transgressions against the Mexican people.

Conservatives are always being accused by leftists of blowing “dog whistles” that only other conservatives hear in order to get the masses all hyped up about issues like “race and sexual orientation.”

Rush Limbaugh said it best, Obama is “apologizing to these students for American imposing its sovereignty on Mexico, that folks, is a huge dog whistle.”

Some Mexicans may think America disrespects Mexico, that we seek to impose ourselves on Mexican sovereignty, or, alternatively, wish to wall ourselves off.-President Barack Obama

Rush adds that Obama’s remarks to the Mexican students, was a signal  to the “radicalized young Hispanic” voting bloc, as well as those radicalized Mexicans who have never accepted that California, Arizona and “New Mejico” as being part of the United States. Limbaugh said that Obama just “fueled them” and all but told them that he agrees with them.