Men On Strike (Scabs Wanted)

In response to Emotion as a Substitute for Accountability:

The feminist movement isn’t about equality, but condemning all things “male” and praising all things “female.”  Higher value is placed on sharing emotions than on traditional male roles like fatherhood, stoicism, and taking care of one’s family.  Right now I’m reading the book “Men On Strike” by Dr. Helen Smith and have an interview with her over at Townhall. (Warning: This is a series I do where none of the questions are political.)  “Men on Strike” has some interesting points on why men are giving up on fatherhood and marriage, one being that society now places less value on these things.

The last two presidential elections have told us that women love Obama.  John’s post gives us insight as to why.  For the last forty years feminists have told women to respect and reward emotions, not accountability, from men.