Ominous baby talk hides the real problems of Islam

In response to US Attorney Bill Killian: Posting Something Mean About Muslims on Social Media Might Be a Criminal Action Under Federal Civil Rights Laws:

I wrote about this at great length this morning, because this story is one of those rabbit holes that just keeps getting deeper as you tumble down it.  Not only do you have all these ominous comments about free speech getting crushed by civil-rights prosecutions (when does that start happening to people like, say, Tamerlan Tsarnaev?) but there’s a staggering amount of pure idiocy about how Islam has exactly the same propensity for producing terrorists as every other religious tradition, because Timothy McVeigh.

This whole thing couldn’t possibly be more wrong-headed and counter-productive.  If there’s one thing Islam and its critics agree on, it’s that Islam is different.  But when non-Muslims say it, it’s a thought crime. 

And all this is coming from the same Obama regime that fell all over itself declaring its political adversaries – prominently including pro-life Christian groups – enemies of the State and oppressing the living hell out of them.  Remember the IRS demanding that pro-life group hand over its prayer books for bureaucratic examination?  Are Muslim groups running into anything like that?