Emily's List Passes on Weiner, Backs Rival

The leftist, feminazi Emily’s list has taken sides in the New York City Mayor’s race against the embattled dirty sexter, Anthony Wiener. Emily’s List just put out an fundraising ask in support of NYC City Council Speaker Chris Quinn, who was leading in the polls before Weiner jumped into the race and stepped on his Hebrew National.  The fundraising letter calls Weiner-gate Party Deux a “circus” and “embarrassing.”

Here is the Emily’s List letter-

I grew up in New York City. And I can tell you that New Yorkers deserve better than the circus their mayoral race has turned into. I actually caught myself glad I’m not home — where I’d have to see the cover of the NY Post on every street corner.

 I caught myself NOT missing New York City! Not ok. Because it’s not New York’s fault. In Nancy Pelosi’s words, Anthony Weiner’s behavior is “reprehensible” and “disrespectful of women.” City Council Speaker Chris Quinn is running to become the first woman mayor of New York — and the polls had her leading long before Anthony Weiner jumped into the race. 

 But she needs your help — and the help of the entire EMILY’s List community — to win the crowded Democratic primary on September 10th and send the circus packing. Contribute now to Chris Quinn’s campaign to become the next mayor of New York. This newest scandal isn’t just low-brow entertainment — it has important implications on working families. Chris Quinn put it best herself: “Being the mayor of New York is serious business and it demands a serious leader.

 Instead, we have seen a pattern of reckless behavior, consistently poor judgment, and difficulty with the truth.”

  Embarrassing, right? Well, you and I can change the subject.

 Christine Quinn is the first woman and first openly gay official to be elected speaker of New York’s City Council. After a dozen years on the council, she has a tremendous record of progress on education, economic development, civil rights, climate protection, and women’s health.

  She’s tough, she’s experienced, and she’s ready to become the first woman mayor of America’s largest city. She just needs the resources to win in a crowded Democratic primary against one very well-known (and many other) opponents. Show Chris you know she’ll be a serious leader for New York City. Contribute now to her campaign.

 I want New York City to have a mayor to be proud of — that’s what those amazing people who live there deserve. Let’s elect Chris Quinn and put an experienced, tough, dedicated Democratic woman who loves New York into the mayor’s office.


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