Sex Offender Database Shows 9 Sex Offenders Living In Same House

WILLISTON, Florida – A Levy County homeowner and mother of two recently discovered 9 registered sex offenders living in a single family house less than a mile from her home. After receiving updates in which the same Williston address kept showing up, the woman conducted a search of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s sex offender database and made the connection. 

“I kept noticing that house popping up,” she says, “and then there was more, and then there was more, and suddenly there was 9 and I thought, ‘people need to know this.'”

A local news team investigated and confirmed that 8 men currently live at Northeast 35th Street in Williston and are in fact, registered sex offenders.  A ninth lists the home as his permanent address but is currently in jail. 

There is nothing illegal about the living arrangement, but Levy County Sheriff Bobby McCallum says deputies keep special watch over the area. 

“From a patrol and proactive standpoint, our deputies are aware of that,” McCallum says, “and we keep a pretty constant contact and patrol of that area.”

There are several other registered sex offenders living on the same street but at different addresses. 

Just a little piece of Americana.