Republicans Need To Go On The Offensive On Immigration

In response to Report: Most Child Immigrants Will Not Be Sent Home:

Remember when Obama’s campaign arm, Organizing for Action held rallies all across America, last year, attracting crowds as small as five people (all OFA interns.) Where are they this year, as American citizens reel in horror at the wave after wave of humanity streaming across our open border?  

Never very popular to begin with, immigration reform as a 2014 campaign issue has become as toxic an issue for Democrats as Obamacare is.

The group most likely to swing the various elections, according to The Hill, is white working-class voters, who are more interested in the plunge in wages that has resulted from higher immigration. This is reflected in Barack Obama’s dwindling support among white voters without college degrees.

Thank goodness, Republicans finally took the hint and canned immigration reform – for this year, anyway.

As J. Christian Adams notes at PJ Media, had House Republicans bowed to pressure and passed the Senate bill, the crisis at the border would be much worse than it is. 

The Senate bill would not only have legalized tens of millions of illegal immigrants in the United States and allowed them to import their relatives, it would have prevented DHS from enforcing the immigration laws against anyone who might possibly be eligible for legalization.

If the Senate bill had passed, it would have encouraged more illegal immigration on a scale that would make the current crisis seem puny.

Adams has a few ideas for Republicans to go on the offensive, starting with dumping the anti-child trafficking law passed in 2008 that has resulted in more child trafficking.

Dare the Senate to stand in the way. Dare the president to veto a fix to the crisis.

Also, instead of jetting the immigrants around at taxpayer expense, pass a budget rider that ends that practice and one that requires aliens be detained in federal custody until their cases are complete. It is not unfair to keep those who broke our border laws in a controlled humane environment until their case is complete.
I’ll bet more than 85 percent of Americans believe in borders. It’s time to defend them.
America is looking for some real leadership on this issue. It’s time for the GOP to step up to the plate.