50 Cent's Company Unveils Smart Headphones

50 Cent's Company Unveils Smart Headphones

Rapper 50 Cent isn’t just a musician who acts on the side. He’s a business man. His company’s new set of headphones offers a way for fitness buffs to cut down on the number of devices they carry while working out.

50 Cent’s SMS Audio just announced what TechCrunch calls a “fitness tracking in-ear headset” smart enough to track your workouts.

These headphones are made to provide fitness buffs with a way to track their run without having to resort to carrying multiple devices, and that actually use workout data to inform playback details on the fly. [Creator Indira] Negi studied biolectronics in graduate school, and is herself a dedicated runner, leading to her desire to want to create a device that could fix her main annoyances while exercising….

The earbuds monitor a wearer’s heart rate using embedded sensors, and can work with software on a user’s device to use that data in order to change music tracks to influence your ability to stay in your target heart rate zone (meaning it’ll play tracks with a faster tempo if you’re below your target, or slower if you’re pushing too hard).