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Theater Chain Linked to Aurora Shooting Told It Should Have Anticipated Threat

Theater Chain Linked to Aurora Shooting Told It Should Have Anticipated Threat


Cinemark, the theater chain involved in the 2012 shooting rampage in Colorado which left 12 people dead, will likely have to defend itself against charges it should have done more to prevent the mass murder.

For the second time in just a year and a half, a federal judge in Colorado has refused Texas-based Cinemark‘s legal efforts to end the multi-plaintiff action from victims and their families citing the lack of proper security at the venue and the role that ultimately played in the loss of their loved ones lives….

A trial in the civil action is supposed to start next February with 20 lawsuits consolidated.

The first of several suits by the families of those involved in the massacre kicked off in September 2012, citing the lack of security measures in place before the shooting began on July 20, 2012. The movie theater chain has repeatedly argued it couldn’t have known a mass shooting on its property, like the one committed by James Holmes, was a realistic possibility. Judge R. Brooke Jackson argued this week that in modern America that assumption is no longer reasonable.

Although theaters had theretofore been spared a mass shooting incident, the patrons of a movie theater are, perhaps even more than students in a school or shoppers in a mall, ‘sitting ducks'”, he noted of the period prior to July 2012.

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