Bay Cities Hold Handgun, Shotgun, 'Assault Weapon' Buybacks to Commemorate Sandy Hook

Bay Cities Hold Handgun, Shotgun, 'Assault Weapon' Buybacks to Commemorate Sandy Hook

San Jose, Oakland, and San Francisco are holding gun buybacks to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the heinous attack on Sandy Hook elementary. 

The San Jose buyback is hosted by the San Jose Police, whereas the Oakland and San Francisco buybacks enjoy partial funding from “Gun by Gun”–“a tech nonprofit that crowdfunds gun buybacks.” 

According to Political Blotter, Oakland is paying “up to $100 for handguns, shotguns, and rifles, and up to $200 for firearms that meet the state’s definition of assault weapons.” 

In San Francisco, the city’s unified school district “sent home letters to every student’s parent encouraging them to take part in the buyback.” 

Liberal Gun Owners Association president Eric Wooten described the gun buybacks as a feel-good measure that alleviates the consciousness of anti-gun politicians, while actually doing nothing to impact gun violence. 

Writing in the San Francisco Chronicle, Wooten said: “Gun buybacks are not only largely meaningless, they are actually dangerous, because they do absolutely nothing to address the underlying issues of violence in our society.” So, he added, “after the last photo is snapped and the last tweet tweeted, the entrenched inequities and other societal problems that actually cause violence will still be left unaddressed.”

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