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Illegals Cannot Be Put in Jail in France Anymore

Illegals Cannot Be Put in Jail in France Anymore

The state of Arizona requests identification of any person whom the police have “reasonable suspicion” is in the country illegally. Arizona then throws illegal immigrants behind bars. For that, it is being sued by the federal government, which chooses not to enforce its own laws.

In the meantime, in France, the country that prides itself on drafting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the police can randomly stop citizens and control both their ID and immigration status. In fact since 1938, the police had the right and duty to arrest and detain illegal immigrants and fine them.

That was true until last year, in April 2011, when the European Court of Justice decided that no government could arrest an individual solely based on his illegal immigration status. French courts have decided to uphold that judgment this week, ruling that the police could not arrest anybody who does not face possible jail time for his offence. Thanks to this decree, illegal immigrants who have already been sentenced to deportation can no longer be detained by the police and will only be requested to show up in courts at a later date. We can only imagine that they will gladly oblige.

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