Greek Neo-Nazi Party Sets Up Shop In New York City

Greek Neo-Nazi Party Sets Up Shop In New York City

The Greek Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party has opened an office in New York City, where it is collecting donations and goods for Greeks being crushed by the financial unrest in their home country.

The party, whose symbol is reminiscent of the swastika, is mainly collecting money and medicine, which it sends back for Greeks but withholds from immigrants. During the hard times in Greece, Golden Dawn’s anti-immigrant and anti-government positions have taken it from being an ultra-fringe group to one that now holds 18 seats in Greece’s parliament. 

Golden Dawn has benefited from the fact that some Greeks feel outrage at what they see as a government too weak to do anything about crimes immigrants are committing.  Thus the group has made a name for itself as somewhat of an enforcer in Greece, where reports indicate police are advising  some Greek crime victims to report their crimes to Golden Dawn instead of the police. 

To be fair, there are Greeks who are outspoken against Golden Dawn, and who believe the group’s opposition to immigrants goes too far.