Mitt Romney Calls Out Obama For 'Misleading' On Libya

Mitt Romney Calls Out Obama For 'Misleading' On Libya

Just hours after the Obama Administration (obviously attempting damage control) finally decided to come clean with the truth surrounding what happened that fateful night in Benghazi, and hours before Rep. Darrell Issa’s Congressional hearings on the attack gavel into motion today; GOP nominee Mitt Romney came right out and said what is obvious to all  — that the White House spent day after day after day “misleading” the American people.

When asked by the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin  if the White House’s initial response to the Sept. 11 anniversary attack, that left four Americans dead, was due to confusion or an intentional desire to mislead, Romney pulled no punches:

“I think there was misleading on the part of the administration.” He continued, “It took way too long for the president to acknowledge that there had been an executed terrorist attack on September 11, 2012.”

Rubin calls this Romney’s “most definitive statement to date,” and she’s right. This also gives us a glimpse into the future of the campaign, especially when the third and final presidential debate is based solely on the issue of foreign policy.

As I wrote last night, with rare exception, the corrupt mainstream media has been nothing more than a co-conspirator in the Obama’s Administration’s eight-day cover up of what’s come to be known as Benghazi-Gate. The media is as eager to protect Obama as the president is to protect himself.

And that media cover up will extend into however long Issa’s hearings last. Certainly, the media will cover the hearings, but in no way will the Administration’s breathtaking security failures and eight days of lies be allowed to dominate The Narrative in the closing weeks of the campaign. Nothing will take priority over the media’s desire to see Obama win a second term.

But Romney’s comments today indicate that he seems to understand this. He had to be asked for his opinion on the matter, which tells me he’s saving his fire for the one time the media can’t filter or spin or cover up or lie — a national presidential debate watched by tens of millions of Americans.

Whether the corrupt media likes it or not, for the sake of our country, this matter needs to be fully litigated before election. The last thing an already polarized Washington DC needs is an administration crippled for years by investigations into a scandal as troubling as this one.


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