The Obama Doctrine Costs Women Their Lives Under Taliban Rule

The Obama Doctrine Costs Women Their Lives Under Taliban Rule

During the last two weeks, the Taliban beheaded a 20-year-old woman for refusing to become a prostitute and shot a 14-year-old girl in Pakistan for attending school and encouraging other females to do the same. 

Welcome to the Obama Doctrine.

Four people were involved in the killing of 20-year-old Mah Gul, a young woman who refused to become a prostitute even at the urging of close family members. The 14-year-old “infidel” was shot as she walked home from school because she dared speak out for girls denied education under the Taliban. 

These are the kinds of things we will see more and more of as Al Qaeda re-emerges and as the Taliban realizes it need not conceal itself as much it did when the U.S. maintained a strong, deliberate presence in Afghanistan.  From President Obama they don’t hear “we’re coming after you.” Rather, they hear speeches of how U.S. troops are going to pack up their tents and come home in 2014 whether the job is finished or not. 

In short, Obama’s new and improved Afghanistan looks a lot like the old and unimproved version.

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