Sun News: Canadians, Americans Boost IDF-Made Rifle Sales To Support Israel

Sun News: Canadians, Americans Boost IDF-Made Rifle Sales To Support Israel

In 2005, boycotts of Israel and divestments from companies with ties to Israel began in earnest. 

In 2014, Sun News Network reports that Israeli supporters are countering these movements by buying Israeli products–especially the civilian version of IDF’s new battle rifle, the Tavor. 

According to Sun News, “boycotts have cost [Israel’s] agricultural sector over 100 million Shekels” and products like Israel-based Soda Stream have become “whipping boys” for leftists reacting to Israel’s latest attempts to defend themselves against attacks from Hamas. 

But these and other boycott efforts aimed at crippling Israel’s economy are being countered by the “buy-cott” efforts of Israel’s supporters. This means Israel’s supporters are going out of their way “to purchase products marked ‘made in Israel.'”

And one such product is the Israeli-made Tavor rifle.

Sun News reports the Tavor was “developed in close cooperation with…Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).” It was “created to adapt to the urban combat Israeli troops experienced in the first Lebanon war.” And is now becoming the “primary rifle” for “all IDF infantry units.”

A civilian, semi-automatic-only version of the Travor is available in Canada and the U.S. 

The U.S. version, along with Israeli-made Desert Eagle handguns, offer supporters a great way to participate in the Israel “buy-cott.”

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