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Uzbekistan hosts conference on Modern housing construction as driving force of comprehensive development

WAM TASHKANT: Tashkent’s Palace of Symposiums hosted an international conference entitled "Modern housing construction as a driving force of comprehensive development and transformation of rural areas, enhancing the living standards of population" organized at the initiative of President Islam Karimov.

The conference has been attended by leaders and representatives of the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the Islamic Development Bank, the Association of South-East Asian Nations, UNESCO and other prominent international organizations, as well as more than 300 scholars, specialists and experts from over 60 countries, including the United States, China, South Korea, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, India, Russia.

The forum held on 18th April was designed for a profound and comprehensive analysis of the results yielded by the execution of programs directed at boosting the welfare of rural population areas and modern housing construction on standard designs, defined in Uzbekistan as a priority policy and an important prerequisite of the cardinal transformation of the village, the integrated socio-economic development of the periphery, the elevation of population incomes and employment, the extensive familiarization of the international community and foreign experts with our country’s successes on this front.

The opening ceremony of the international conference was attended by President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov who delivered a keynote speech.

President Karimov said "there is obviously no need to expound on the relevance of this conference designed to address the role of housing construction in rural areas, given the enormous significance this area has been acquiring not only in terms of tackling pressing social issues, but also as the most important factor contributing to balanced and sustainable growth of many construction-related industries and the economy in generalThe wide-ranging efforts undertaken during the independent period under the leadership of President Islam Karimov directed at achieving such noble objectives as the prosperity of our Motherland, building a free and affluent life have been demonstrating remarkable results. Ensuring the welfare and prosperity of the nation has been defined as a principal task of the reforms and transformation underway across all spheres of life." “It is no secret that one of the major obstacles to recovery from the global financial and economic crisis, with sufficient provision of loan funds is that these funds do not reach the end user – the real sector of the economy, despite the fact that the level of interest rates in the countries-issuers of major reserve currencies are extremely low. It is hard to believe, but in some cases these rates reach zero values.

In short, the availability of sufficient loans is not becoming, unfortunately, an impetus and stimulus for economic recovery due to many circumstances, and in the first place – the pendency of grave problems that led to the global financial and economic crisis of 2008." "For this very reason, the President of the country has been paying such a remarkable attention to the creation and perfection of standard design of modern housing. During his trips to Uzbekistan’s regions, the head of our state familiarized with first homes, stressed its advantages and came up with proposals and recommendations to further improve those project designs. This vital issue was deliberated time and again under the leadership of President Islam Karimov, and the project designs were analyzed comprehensively and thoroughly. This led to the presidential resolution on "Additional Measures for Expansion of Individual Housing Construction in Rural Areas on Standard Design" signed 17 June 2010, in accordance with which the standard designs of individual housing underwent grave addenda and amendments. In particular, every developer and owner is from then on assigned 6 hundred square meters instead of the previous 4 hundred square meters,” the Uzbek President added.

The high-ranking participants of the conference – President of the Islamic Development Bank Ahmad Mohamed Ali and the Vice President of the Asian Development Bank Xiaoyu Zhao noted that Uzbekistan, for its independent period, has achieved a tremendous progress and triumphs worth being proud of. This can also be seen in the sample of considerable outcomes of the steadfast efforts in the construction of individual housing on standard designs in rural areas.

The guests who also took floor at the event included the Deputy Administrator of the UNDP Cihan Sultanoglu, the official of the International Monetry Fund Veronica Bacalu, Deputy Secretary General of ASEAN Alicia Dela Rosa Bala, Vice President of China Development Bank Yuan Li, Chief Executive Officer of the California Coalition for Rural Housing Robert Wiener, Director of Central Asia and Caucasus Department of the Japanese Agency for International Cooperation (JICA) Tetsuya Yamada. They and other speakers gave a high appraisal of the effects of wide-ranging reforms in Uzbekistan undertaken in this sphere. It was noted that our country has displayed outstanding results on this front.

The foreign participants of the conference who traveled to Samarkand, Bukhara and Tashkent regions and familiarized with houses built on standard design, facilities of social infrastructure, small business and private entrepreneurship in the new residential quarters said they again became convinced of the high outcomes of the respective reforms embarked on in Uzbekistan.

The forum underscored Uzbekistan’s expertise in the field of integrated development and transformation of rural areas, improvement of the quality of life of the population by building up the modern housing construction can serve as a model for other countries with its effectiveness and promising nature.

During panel discussions, the conference participants deliberated on such subject matters as normative foundations and measures of government support for the housing construction in rural areas on standard designs, the terms and guarantees of housing construction for the population, privileges and preferences in the attraction of investments to the construction of housing and infrastructure facilities, influence of the modern housing construction on the dynamic development of the construction industry and manufacturing sector, its significance in the creation of new jobs and elevation of population incomes.


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