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'Black Madam' facing trial for slayings


A Philadelphia woman called "The Black Madam" was in court on charges she allegedly gave lethal silicone injections to two women though she is not a doctor.

The injections were supposed to give the women "bubble butts" — but it wound up killing them instead, police charged. "The Black Madam" is known legally as Padge Victoria Windslowe, a transgender woman who advertised herself as a nurse practitioner who could enhance a woman’s backside in under-the-table medical procedures performed in hotel rooms, the Philadelphia Daily News reported Thursday.

Testimony was offered Wednesday in preliminary court hearings after police charged Windslowe with two murder counts.

Her two alleged victims were from London and found Windslowe’s services through Scheffe "Sasha" Wilson, who the women met on the Internet. Wilson quoted the women a price of $2,500 apiece plus a $300 referral fee, court records show.

The women flew from London to Philadelphia and underwent the procedures to no ill-effect in November 2010. After the first time, the women scheduled a second appointment in February 2011, coinciding with a trip they had planned to the United States, the newspaper said.

During the second trip, both women were injected with food-grade silicone and became sick almost immediately. After checking into a Philadelphia hospital, both women died within 10 hours, police said. A medical examiner testified the women died of pulmonary embolisms as a result of the injections.

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