Turning Point USA Activists Wear Diapers to Protest Safe Space Culture

A group of Turning Point USA activists at Kent State is facing a massive online backlash after wearing diapers on campus to protest safe space culture.

As a part of an activism effort at Kent State University by the school’s Turning Point USA chapter, students donned adult diapers and plugged their mouth with pacifiers. One student, whose bare legs were exposed from his adult-diaper down, took small sips from a sippy cup as he posed for photos. In another photo, he sprawled out like a child on the ground, pacifier in mouth, while he drew in a coloring book.

Photos from the event were posted on the chapter’s Twitter page under the caption, “safe spaces are for children.” The stunt was relentlessly mocked.

Speaking to Breitbart News, Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk argued that the organization’s opposition to safe space culture has been consistent.

“We support all of our chapters to do innovative and creative activism events,” Kirk said. Some ideas work great, others get mixed reaction. We are strong opponents of the safe space, micro-aggression, trigger warning culture that has been created on campuses. The efficacy remains to be seen but the message is consistent.”

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