Chicago: Plumber Claims Union Forcing Him To Attend Pro-Obama Rally

Chicago: Plumber Claims Union Forcing Him To Attend Pro-Obama Rally

CHICAGO (WLS) – An anonymous member of the Chicago Plumbers Union is claiming the union is forcing its members to back President Barack Obama. The plumber told Bruce Wolf and Dan Proft on “The Don and Roma Show” on WLS that Plumbers Local 130 is requiring it’s members to attend a massive rally tonight at the plumbers hall at 1340 W. Washington, where Governor Pat Quinn, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, will urge plumbers to support the President:

“And it’s kind of aggravating because I would not go to this unless I’m being forced to, because I don’t support Obama and neither do a lot of the guys that are in the same class with me or guys that work with me also.” The plumber says he opposes Obama because the President has been bad for business: “Most of the guys I talk to, they don’t fall for the crap anymore. They know that Obama’s not good for business. Even though he’s a friend of labor if there’s no work out there, you’re not working. We got a lot of guys who are sitting and they have been sitting for a long time.”

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