House Intel Chief: Obama Ignored ISIS Warnings

House Intel Chief: Obama Ignored ISIS Warnings

Wednesday at the Christian Science Monitor breakfast, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) said that the Obama administration had ignored intelligence reports for more than a year, which explained al Qaeda affiliate Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)  “was pooling up in a dangerous way,” has access to western passports and are actively threatening to carry out attacks against America.

“This is not an intelligence failure, it’s a policy failure,” Rogers said. “And some notion that if we don’t do anything really hard, that everything will be just fine, is absolutely,  I think it’s a bit naive. It’s a bit politically self-serving, that you’re more concerned about what ratings you have at home than what threats happen overseas.”

“We get all the raw intelligence,” he continued. “It was very clear to me that years ago, ISIS was pooling up in a dangerous way, building training camps, recruiting, drawing in jihadists from around the world. We saw all of that happening. the congressman concluded by saying the notion that ” we wouldn’t have seen this coming, means that you weren’t paying attention to the intelligence that was afforded us.”

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