Texas Dem Official: Rick Perry Is a 'Hateful' Race-Baiting 'Insurrectionist'

Texas Dem Official: Rick Perry Is a 'Hateful' Race-Baiting 'Insurrectionist'

Monday on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show,” Sarah Slamen, the field director for the Texas Fort Bend Democratic Party, had some harsh words for what she called a “hateful” “insurrectionist” in Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) and the “know-nothing” Tea Party.

Slamen was prompted by fill-in host Ari Melber’s suggestion that Perry believes in “conspiracies” because he said there might be ulterior motives behind the president’s border inaction. 

“It’s really know-nothing,” she said. “That’s how the Tea Party and Texans like Rick Perry are going remembered: anti-immigrant and hateful and really insurrectionists. These people are supposed to be about patriotism, and he’s sitting here accusing the president of conspiracy. Anything to detract attention from the way from the fact that not one member of our congressional Republican delegation has called for a single vote on the so-called border crisis.”

Melber suggested Perry had ulterior motive for bringing up concerns about illegal immigrants from terrorist nations causing  Slamen to sarcastically respond, “It’s perfectly acceptable for Republicans to hate Latinos and Arabs.”

“They constantly fear-monger about Latinos and Arab-Americans and Muslims in the same way,” she added.

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