Congressman Calls for 'Pandemic' Funding to Address Ebola Outbreak

Congressman Calls for 'Pandemic' Funding to Address Ebola Outbreak

Thursday at the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health hearing titled, “Combating the Ebola Threat,” Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) said he will be requesting funding for a “pandemic.” 

Smith said, “This is unprecedented. Many people are not cooperating with efforts to contain the disease. There is an information gap. Despite the efforts through cell phone and radio to get the message out, there is a learning curve. as we consider what to do to meet this health challenge, I suggest we get funding levels for pandemic preparedness. This is for congress and the executive branch, in a restricted environment, funding has fallen from $201 million in fiscal year 2010 two an estimated in 2010.”

He added, “I have introduced legislation known as the and neglected tropical disease act which establishes to support a broad range of research activities to achieve cost-effective and sustainable treatment and control and, where possible, the elimination of neglected tropical diseases. Ebola is not on the top list of 17 neglected tropical diseases, but it does fit the definition of an infection caused by pathogens that is proportionally impact individuals living in extreme poverty, especially in developing countries. Ebola had been thought to be limited to areas where it could be contained. we know that is no longer true. We need to take seriously the effort to devise more effective means of addressing this and all”

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