Wolf Blitzer: Iraq 'Falling Apart,' 'Not the Way It Was Supposed to Be'

Wolf Blitzer: Iraq 'Falling Apart,' 'Not the Way It Was Supposed to Be'

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer said that Iraq was “seemingly falling apart” on Thursday’s “Wolf.” 

“The whole country of Iraq seemingly falling apart right now,” Blitzer said. “This was not the way it was supposed to be after President Obama announced that all US forces would be leaving. He was hoping obviously, that there would be some peaceful transition there. Certainly it was not what former president George W. Bush envisioned when he removed Saddam Hussein from power and landed on the USS Abraham Lincoln with that banner that said “Mission Impossible [Accomplished].” 

Iraq right now falling apart and tens of thousands of minorities, Christians and Yazidis and others, Iraqi Shiites, are being endangered as we speak right now” he reported.  CNN Senior International Correspondent Ivan Watson added that there was “a growing humanitarian crisis” in Iraq. 

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