Ingraham: Why Aren't There Protests Against Rahm Emanuel?

Ingraham: Why Aren't There Protests Against Rahm Emanuel?

Talk radio host Laura Ingraham wondered why there aren’t protests against Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel for failing to control the violence in his city on Friday.

“Where are the protests in front of Rahm Emanuel’s office? … Dozens upon dozens upon dozens of black youth killed … toddlers shot through windows, single women gunned down, sexually assaulted, raped,” she asked. 

Ingraham also accused leaders like Al Sharpton of failing to focus on the major crime problem in U.S. cities, and instead focusing on accusing others of racism, saying, “The crime at all levels in some these metropolitan areas is out of control, yet the big focus is oh my gosh, the system is rigged against us.”

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