Watch: Breitbart's Sebastian Gorka Discusses Missing Libyan Airliners on 'Fox & Friends'

Watch: Breitbart's Sebastian Gorka Discusses Missing Libyan Airliners on 'Fox & Friends'

In an appearance on Fox News Channel’s Wednesday broadcast of “Fox & Friends,” Breitbart’s Dr. Sebastian Gorka discussed a recent report of nearly a dozen missing Libyan jetliners, which have raised concerns over suicide airliner attacks.

Gorka laid out two potential scenarios in which these missing planes could be used by jihadi fighters.

“There is several scenarios. The first would be some kind of repeat of 9/11 where you turn an innocent airliner into an incredibly powerful precision guided weapon,” he said. “Or the other scenario, and let’s not forget the anniversary of 9/11 is just around the corner — is to pack a plane full of hundreds of jihadi fighters and use it to insert those people into a locale which otherwise would not be accessible from the ground. So, terrorism is about using your imagination and these are very, very powerful assets for jihadi fighters.”

Gorka named two potential targets of these jihadis – Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

“[M]y good friend Michael Rubin has talked about the very attractive targets of the Saudi Arabian oil fields,” Gorka added. “In the region, the countries that are most in danger after Iraq, after Syria, after Libya would be Jordan. Jordan is an incredibly attractive target for the jihadis and then of course Saudi Arabia. So flying one of these planes into an oil refinery, that is a real nightmare scenario.”

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