Dem Rep Calls on Congress to Go Around Obama and Declare War

Dem Rep Calls on Congress to Go Around Obama and Declare War

Monday on CNN, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), a member of the House Intelligence Committee, argued that in order to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria and considering the likelihood that it will outlast the current administration, the Congress should act without waiting for President Barack Obama and “declare war.”

Schiff said, “We are really going to war” and the Congress is “not a suitor that has to be waited to be asked to the dance.” 

He insisted, “We should take this up in Congress … frankly Congress has no one to blame but itself for the weakening of our institutional role in the checks and balances of our system and a real abdication on our part.” 

“We can’t lay this at the feet of the president, although he has a role here. but this is fundamentally Congress’ responsibility to declare war as well as to fund it. And given the long duration, we’re talking about a period of years here, talking about a military campaign that will go well into the next presidency. This is really incumbent on us to act.”

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