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Brooks: Obama Executive Amnesty Means an 'Extreme Abuse of Executive Power'

Brooks: Obama Executive Amnesty Means an 'Extreme Abuse of Executive Power'


On Friday’s broadcast of PBS’s “NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks explained that while he supports immigration reform, in particular status for illegals, President Barack Obama’s proposed executive amnesty is a step too far.

Partial transcript as follows:

BROOKS: Well, politically, they obviously made a mistake by thinking demographics could carry them along the way and they didn’t actually need issues. And that was a consultants’ fantasy. And that hurt the Democrats.

On President Obama, the immigration thing is important. I support the idea of giving all these people this new status. But doing it by executive functioning — function, executive action, redefining the status of millions of people without a law, without going through the normal process, that strikes me as an extreme abuse of executive power, whether you support it on policy or not.

And that is why that particular action that he’s talking about is so confrontational, because it’s not only policy a lot of Republicans object to it. But as members of Congress, they object to it.

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