PM Cameron: ‘Real Enemy Poisonous Narrative Perverting Islam’

Friday at a joint press conference with President Barack Obama, the prime minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron, speaking to Obama’s assertion that America’s greatest strength in the fight against terror is our ability to assimilate Muslims into our culture, said, “Of course, you need to have, as I believe we are, a multiracial, multi-ethnic society of huge opportunity,” but he pointed out integration can not overcome “the real enemy here, which is the poisonous narrative perverting Islam.”

Cameron continued, “Here’s the really determining point. You can have, tragically, people who have had all of the advantages of integration and all of the economic opportunities and still get seduced by this poisonous radical death cult of a narrative. We have seen in recent weeks people who have gone to fight in Syria, many threaten us here back at home, who had every opportunity and every advantage in life in terms of integration. Let’s never lose sight of the real enemy here, which is the poisonous narrative perverting Islam. That is what we have to focus on, recognizing that of course, we help ourselves in the struggle if with create societies of genuine opportunity and genuine integration between our communities. Let’s never lose sight of the real heart of the matter.”

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