Elizabeth Warren Isn’t Telling Draft Movement to Stand Down

David Coates/Detroit News/AP
David Coates/Detroit News/AP
Washington, DC

As pointed out at the end of a two-minute NECN segment on Sen. Elizabeth Warren, even as she keeps repeating the “I am not running” mantra, she stops short of calling for an end to the Draft Warren movement when given the chance.

NECN writes, “While the political world relentlessly speculates about whether she’ll run for president, Warren calmly repeats her mantra: ‘No I’m not running, and I’m not going to run.'”

With progressives becoming increasingly dominant across the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton’s long history generating bad headlines, as well as an examination of her flaws, it may still be too far out to declare any 2016 Democrat primary over before it even gets started. Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley has been making news, as are other progressives, including NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.

If Hillary Clinton can’t rein in the all-important progressive left within her party, the landscape a year from now may look very different than it does today. For now, the Draft Warren movement is building, not going away, and her reluctance to tell it to stand down may be telling.

NECN wonders, “So if Warren is so adamant about not running for president, how does she feel about her rabid supporters? When asked, Warren deflected, but she did not call them off.”