Mitt Romney: If President, Trump Will ‘Have to Deal with Things Far More Complicated than Republican Delegate Rules’

George Frey/Getty Images

Mitt Romney says a three-man race helps Donald Trump win the Republican presidential nomination, and only Ted Cruz has a shot to block his path to 1,237 delegates.

From CNN:

Former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney is again warning his party of the dangers of a Donald Trump nomination, saying a three-man race likely paves the way for the New York billionaire to capture the nomination on the first ballot of this summer’s GOP convention in Cleveland.

The former Massachusetts governor, in an interview on “The David Gregory Show” podcast saysTuesday’s New York primary is an important moment in the primary fight.

“If (Gov. John Kasich and Sen. Ted Cruz) are both going at it aggressively until the very end then I think Trump gets it on the first ballot,” Romney said.

Responding to Trump’s criticism about the GOP delegate rules, Romney was dismissive, saying the rules were well known more than a year ago. And, taking another swipe at Trump, he told Gregory it’s a good thing the rules are difficult.

“After all these rules are a lot simpler than the rules of foreign affairs or the rules of our economy. And if you want to be president, you are going to have to deal with things far more complicated than republican delegate rules,” he said.

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